DWP debate highlights Duncan Smith’s failure to perform

This is another piece detailing the lies and murderous incompetence of IDS’ DWP. IDS’ precious welfare reforms are vastly over budget, over time, and have resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands from hunger, despair and privation. Yet all we hear from RTU are more lies from Smith, and a complete failure to hold the government to account from the mainstream news. Mike urges us to reblog and publicise this. I agree. The piece is also worth watch for Glenda Jackson’s devastating speech denouncing Smith and his reforms, to which the only answer he has is the sanctimonious smirk he always makes when faced with criticism he doesn’t have the wit to answer.

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“This particular Secretary of State, along with his Department, is pushing people through [the] cracks and hoping that the rest of the country will not notice that they have disappeared.” – Glenda Jackson MP, June 30, 2014.

Yesterday’s Parliamentary debate on the performance of the Department for Work and Pensions under Iain Duncan Smith was more like a trial, with witnesses lining up to condemn the accused.

If the man this blog likes to call RTU (Returned To Unit) thought he would be able to show that his behaviour had improved, he was sorely mistaken – as the comment above illustrates.

It is vital that this information reaches the general public despite the apparent news blackout, in the mainstream media, of any disparaging information about Duncan Smith or his DWP.

But we were discussing the debate as a trial. Let us first look at the evidence in favour of the…

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