Art attack on Coalition policies that drive people to their deaths

This is a fascinating and inspiring piece about the work of the artist, Melanie Cutler, giving voice to the voiceless about the human costs of welfare reform and the suicides, which it has caused. The artist herself was a carer, and has a number of health conditions. Her son is also currently awaiting an Atos assessment.
As for the quote with which the piece begins, it reminds me of Ruskin’s distinction between ‘wealth’ and ‘illth’. Wealth is money that has a beneficial effect and creates good. ‘Illth’ was the term he coined to describe negative, destructive wealth. We are definitely far into ‘illth’ under this government, who know of no other kind.

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A UK artist has created an art installation as a memorial to the suicide victims of welfare reform.

Melanie Cutler contacted Vox Political regarding her piece – ‘Stewardship’ – a few weeks ago, asking, “Do you think I’ll be arrested?”

The response was that it should be unlikely if she informed the media. The artworks have been displayed at the Northampton Degree Show and are currently at the Free Range Exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery building in Brick Lane, London, which ends tomorrow (June 30).

Entry is free and the installation will be located in F Block, B5.

“I have become an artist later on in life,” Melanie told Vox Political. “I was a carer for my son and, a few decades later, my father. I have worked most of my life too, raising three children.

“Only recently, while studying fine art at University I found my health…

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