PM evades question about HMRC privatisation as strike continues

Apart from questions of efficiency and the quality of the service the company will deliver – which, let’s face it, will be absolutely rubbish is the experience of the outsourced industries are any guide – there is the fundamental principle here that sensitive information on an individual’s private financial relationship with the state should stay with the state, and not be given to a private company for their own profit.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

This government continue to cut public services to the bone whilst increasing payments to private companies… remember, it is YOUR personal details that these private companies will then have access to; your address, your national insurance number, your bank details, your income details.
Here are some of the cock ups made by these private companies, whose main objective is not to put money into the Exchequer, but to increase profits for their shareholders.
David Cameron was asked about the potential privatisation of HMRC during prime minister’s questions.

Jim McGovern, Labour MSP for Dundee West raised the following question in parliament on Wednesday, the third day of the HMRC strike:

“On Monday morning….I joined a picket line with members of the Public and Commercial Services Union. They were protesting against the closure of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs offices in Dundee and trying…

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