Latest legal aid figures. Social welfare – it’s a wipe out!

This is particularly timely, as Private Eye this week carries the news in its ‘In The Back’ column of yet more victims of Atos, including a woman suffering from serious mental illness. This lady was so severely affected that during one episode she needed to be hospitalised. Atos, however, as per usual, decided that she was ‘fit for work’ and so she was left without benefit. She was also unable to sue because of the virtual abolition of legal aid. This is what these figures actually mean to those at the sharp end of the cuts, who desperately need the community legal services Cameron and his fellow parasites have destroyed.

Benefit tales

Latest legal aid figures. Social welfare – it’s a wipe out!

by nickd (Mylegal), ilegal team

It’s a wipe out!
The Ministry of Justice has today released the latest legal aid statistics. Remember these cuts were once promoted by the Coalition as one of their ‘top achievements’. I can’t help but feel today’s release couldn’t have been timed any better, the breaking news over the Brooks aquittal and Coulson conviction provides the MOJ with the ideal opportunity to slip these statistics out in silence – very much as per their usual transparency agenda….
I’m sure these will be analysed in detail over the weeks to come but for now I just want to draw your attention to the areas of social welfare law once well served by legal aid which helped advice agencies & law centres assist thousands of vulnerable individuals battle for their benefits – no easy task when…

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