How MI5 vetted Savile. And decided paedophilia was nothing to worry about.

I’m not actually surprised by the Telegraph’s statement that everyone at the BBC was vetted by MI5. The Observer claimed in the 1980s that MI5 even had an office at the BBC, which kept tabs on the staff and made sure that the programmes were all ideologically sound and did not promote anti-establishment propaganda.

But their decision not to call attention to Savile’s vicious and predatory paedophilia is highly remarkable and does require explanation. The world’s spy agencies since forever and a day have been using blackmail to force each other’s citizens into betraying their countries. Before the legalisation of homosexuality in 1969, gays would have been an easy target for such blackmail. Savile’s own deviant sexuality, preying on children and the bodies of the dead, was far more shocking and outrageous than anything involving consenting adults and would have made a prime candidate for Soviet blackmail, had they known about it or cared to exploit it. Yet apparently they did not consider it an issue, possibly because he had the full confidence on Maggie.

Their failure to act on Savile’s sexuality also raises important questions about their role in civilian police work. After the collapse of Communism, MI5 tried to expand the range of its services into criminal policing. The agency attempted to promote itself as a providing valuable expertise in criminal intelligence gathering. However, in the case of Savile it clearly failed to uphold the law, as the DJ’s crimes are, apart from revolting and utterly immoral, clearly illegal. MI5, however, let these activities past. This thus casts considerable doubt on its willingness or ability to uphold the law impartially, as required of an effective police force.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – unfortunately)

According to that hotbed of left-wing, anti-establishment conspiracy theories, the Daily Telegraph reckons Jimmy Savile would have been vetted by MI5 as far back as the 1960s – and Bond, Moneypenny, M etc would have continued vetting him until at least the 1980s.

Well, obviously the Telegraph doesn’t now say as much – because that might prove to be a tad too uncomfortable for its pro-establishment readership – but it did reveal in an article it printed way back in 2006 that staff at the BBC, including reporters, newsreaders and presenters, were all vetted by MI5.

That clearly would have included the BBC’s star presenter Jimmy Savile.

Which rather begs this question:

Were the nation’s finest spies so incompetent they didn’t discover what apparently everyone else knew about Savile’s fondness for abusing children, or did they consider abusing children not a good enough reason to…

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