Work Programme ‘Failing Those Most In Need And Should Be Broken Up’


This article was written by Patrick Wintour, political editor, for The Guardian on Sunday 15th June 2014

 The £1.2bn Work Programme, the government’s flagship welfare to work scheme, needs to be broken up in the face of figures showing that as little as 5% of unemployed people on the main disability benefit are finding a job through it, a thinktank will propose this week.

The proposal is one of a series from the Institute for Public Policy Research in its Condition of Britain report, to be published on Thursday, including a proposal for a “daddy month” – four weeks’ paternity leave on the minimum wage, a plan that would cost the taxpayer £150m. More than 400,000 working fathers a year would benefit.

The thinktank’s report, the product of two years’ research, is due to be launched by Ed Miliband. It will look at the social and economic…

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One Response to “Work Programme ‘Failing Those Most In Need And Should Be Broken Up’”

  1. Bring back immediately women's state pension at 60 / Against loss age related tax allowance at 65 Says:

    Workfare, work programme, all this waste of money on welfare reform admin by the billions and billions means Austerity never happened and all it has done it add to national debt, not saved anything.

    Only 3 per cent of the benefits bill goes on the unemployed.
    97 per cent of benefit bill goes to working poor not on a living wage and poor pensioners.

    This will change as many numberless millions will end needing benefits for life from the changes coming to state pensions from 2016.

    Those 60 and over are not listed in unemployment statistics, yet are deemed of working age, even if disabled and/or chronic sick.

    All this could be swept away and the £520 billion we all pay in stealth taxes, but especially the poor who spend all their income with a higher proportion on things invoking VAT even on food, used for a universal guaranteed citizen wage for all, in or out of work.

    No need for the work and benefits part of the DWP nor of Jobcentres at all, as well as all the private contracts in welfare admin and assessments and re-assessments.

    Requested please is Labour party members to share on their personal and Labour party social media my petition

    So as to change Ed Miliband and Ed Balls to amend the Labour election manifesto in plenty of time before 2015 general election,
    so that Labour does not become a minority government, because 2015 will see the lowest voter turnout in UK history.

    Over 35 million did not vote Labour in last two general elections.
    60 per cent of 18-30 years did not vote in last general elecitons and millions have never signed on the electoral roll.
    Over 23 million are over 50s in UK.
    A good proportion of the so far 530,000 women who have lost pension payout at 60 from 2013, could be gained for Labour, plus the countless millions losing all pension from 2016

    The above ideas would not be offered by any other party but Labour and so you could gain millions of votes lost to all other parties.

    Hope to help both Labour and all those suffering with the threat of starvation, as many agencies do not give vouchers to those not on benefit to get food from food banks.

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