Not only Miliband, but Clegg and Cameron posed with the Sun too

I’m not surprised that Cameron posed with Sun for one minute: it is, after all, the archetypal Tory rag that loudly and shrilly hailed everything Thatcher did as a work of breath-taking political genius, worthy of Churchill, Disraeli, and William Pitt, snr and Younger, if not indeed everyone going back to Oliver Cromwell, William the Conqueror and Boadicea. Everyone else was subjected to a strident campaign of vitriol and vilification. Cameron, however, will no doubt be desperate to stay in with Murdoch, ever since the Dirty Digger dumped Major in favour of Blair. Major considered this an horrendous act of disloyalty, and muttered about curbing Murdoch’s power. Major was exactly right there, but it was far too late to do anything about it. Murdoch has thus gone on to wax fat by manipulating ever government since Maggie by promising them support, all the while destroying the very institutions that have made this country truly great – the NHS, the welfare state, responsible government answerable to parliament and the people, and, indeed, just general standards of decency and civilised behaviour.
As for Clegg, well, this just shows how the Lib Dems have been transformed into the Tories Lite. His master, Cameron, posed and so does he.

Pride's Purge

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