Nick Clegg: Spain on course to win World Cup after 5-1 defeat

Unfortunately, this is pretty much how some politicians do spin their defeats. I remember when I was at school listening to a Tory talk about his result in a local election. From his bombastic bluster you could be forgiven for thinking he’d been successful. He hadn’t. He’d lost. Massively. The interviewer on Radio 4 politely pointed this out to him. There was a moment’s silence, and then the inevitable, ‘Yes, but …’ kind of comment. Clegg will be attempting a piece of spin pretty much like this to the rest of his party. Of course, as he’s married to a Spanish lady, he will have a certain bias towards that part of the world.

Pride's Purge


The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has said Spain is well on the way to winning the World Cup after its 5:1 routing by Holland in Brazil.

Mr Clegg told reporters it was “never easy” seeing “dedicated, hard-working” opponents score against them, but he insisted the Spanish were still succeeding where they “focused on their achievements.

Based on the results which have come in so far, it has obviously been a mixed result for Spain, but other teams have had mixed results too,” Mr Clegg said.

Although the Deputy Prime Minister conceded that Spain had suffered a minor setback at the hands of a Dutch surge, he added that the Spanish team was “doing well in the areas where they have good organisation on the ground.

Mr Clegg added: “We will see what the further results today, what story they tell. But so far what I have…

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