Civil service cuts are more than just a numbers game

There are lessons in here also for the sheer cost-effectiveness of privatisation. When Maggie and Major sold off the water industry and other utilities, much was made about how they were cutting bureaucracy. In fact, the privatisation led to massive increases in bureaucracy as the regulatory authorities set up to monitor these industry had to be expanded to make sure they did their job properly. Which was hugely embarrassing for the Tories, who then embarked on a series of massive cuts in these bodies in order to please their friends in industry.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

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The current Civil service is now the smallest since the second world war.

In praising the reduction in civil service numbers, Francis Maude reveals a lack of understanding about the complexity of effective cuts…that’s probably because he’s a tw*t!

Never trust a man named after two women.

If, like David Cameron, your political aim is to shrink the state, you need to recognise a paradox. The way Francis Maude has been extolling cuts in civil service numbers shows he really hasn’t got it.

To cut well, you need to be clever. Contracting, the most obvious form of cutting, isn’t simple. The fuss around G4S, Serco and Atos proves that letting and monitoring outsourcing contracts is a tricky business, as is transferring functions to local government, the third sector or private individuals. Clever cutting, that doesn’t create demands for government intervention further down the line, requires…

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