Passport to oblivion

Glynismillward here reblogs the view of the public sector union that the passport backlog is due to Tory, ideologically-driven job cuts. Considering the accounts I’ve heard of the way job cuts have destroyed much of the rest of the Civil Service, I see absolutely no reason not to believe this.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Reposted from PCS website

We have told passport office bosses they could face industrial action if they fail to tackle the jobs crisis.

We warned for years that cutting one tenth of the workforce and closing offices would lead to major problems.

Now MPs are reporting being inundated with complaints from constituents about long delays in getting a passport in time to go on holiday.

We have written to Passport Office chief executive Paul Pugh, accusing senior officials of a “lack of forward thinking” and calling for negotiations over jobs, pay and privatisation.

“We do not accept that the current problems can solely be down to unusual demand,” the letter from Home Office group secretary Mike Jones says.

It concludes: “If we do not get a satisfactory response by 30 June we will be considering industrial action.”

The story is receiving widespread national and regional media coverage and in a…

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