Panellists hijack Question Time to attack Iain Duncan Smith

Mike here reports how Salma Yaqoob, a Muslim activist against the imposition of radical Islam in schools, Christ Bryant and a man from the audience finally made criticisms about IDS and his murderous policies. Mike feels that this finally cut IDS down to size, though this came about three-quarters through the programme. Ian Hislop, who was expected to make some telling remarks, in the event seemed to say nothing. on this issue. Many of Mike’s commenters, however, have taken a different view of the programme, and believe it was another BBC whitewash. Some have even made official complaints. I cannot comment, as I did not see the programme. I am, however, not entirely surprised by Hislop’s silence. Private Eye does some excellent work in exposing the vicious and murderous effects of Atos and the government’s professed ‘benefit reforms’. However, on an edition of ‘Have I Got News For You’ Hislop announced that he could not see Labour reversing the government’s austerity campaign because the deficit still needed to be reduced. In short, he’s bought into the government’s austerity rubbish, which has been so comprehensively criticised and discredited by other writers, bloggers and economists. See some of Mike’s articles over at Vox Political, and A Littleecon, including his articles on such heretical economic theories as MMT.

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Finger-jabbing protest: Iain Duncan Smith talked over Owen Jones in his last Question Time appearance; this time the other panellists didn't give him the chance. Finger-jabbing protest: Iain Duncan Smith talked over Owen Jones in his last Question Time appearance; this time the other panellists didn’t give him the chance.

Around three-quarters of the way through tonight’s Question Time, I was ready to believe the BBC had pulled a fast one on us and we weren’t going to see Iain Duncan Smith get the well-deserved comeuppance that he has managed to avoid for so long in Parliament and media interviews.

There was plausible deniability for the BBC – the Isis crisis that has blown up in Iraq is extremely topical and feeds into nationwide feeling about the possibility of Britain going to war again in the Middle East. The debate on extremism in Birmingham schools is similarly of public interest – to a great degree because it caused an argument between Tory cabinet ministers. Those are big issues at the moment and the BBC…

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