Food bank charity told to stop criticising benefit system or face shut-down – by the government

Mike here reports how the head of the Trussell Trust, Chris Mould, received a phone call from IDS’ offices stating that their boss was extremely annoyed at the way the Trust was highlighting the massive increase in poverty and the people using them. It was a veiled threat, from a government, whose response to criticism really is to lie and then try to silence the opposition. Remember a few weeks ago when someone from the government’s new press watchdog said the wanted to see the Guardian blackballed because of its bias? This is the creeping face of government totalitarianism. We haven’t yet got to the point of having a ‘Ministry of Truth’, but that may well come with Gove’s educational reforms and his insistence of teaching proper history, without any of the awkward points raised by lefties.

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What would you do in that situation?

It seems that food bank charity The Trussell Trust has been making too many waves around the Conservative-led Coalition government’s policies regarding benefits, social security and welfare.

Readers may recall how the charity warned that Coalition policies had created a need for a huge expansion in the number of food banks across the UK. The Tories countered this by accusing the trust of “misleading and emotionally manipulative publicity-seeking”, and also of “aggressively marketing [its] services”.

After this failed to make a dent in public opinion, the Daily Mail tried to discredit the trust by claiming it was handing out food parcels without checking whether the people claiming them were bona fide.

But it turned out that the paper’s claim of “inadequate checks on who claims the vouchers, after a reporter obtained three days’ worth of food simply by telling staff at a Citizens…

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