Bishop of Durham urges North East to give evidence on food banks

Nick Couling at the DWP in the week started sputtering about the rise in food banks being due to ‘Christian evangelism’ as a means of denying that they were really a response to poverty. Partly it’s a response to the numbers using food banks acting as an independent indicator of poverty, whose stats the Tories can’t manipulate. It’s also probably due to very vocal opposition from members of the clergy and their backing for food banks, from the Archbishop of Canterbury on down, through to the Bishop of Durham. No doubt for all his pretence at pious Catholicism, IDS feels that the knights, who murdered Thomas A Becket on the orders of Henry II were sadly maligned.


The Bishop of Durham has urged people in the North to provide evidence to a Parliamentary inquiry into food banks when it visits the region next month.

Members of the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty will visit South Shields on July 4 to gather evidence into the causes and extent of hunger in Britain and what can be done to alleviate it.

Bishop Paul Butler, who is a long-time supporter of food banks and has clashed with the Government over them, said: “The group is anxious to hear from those who find themselves in food poverty and also from groups and volunteers who are working to try and help through the provision of food assistance.

“This has become a major issue for society and I urge North East people to provide evidence to the inquiry. The group is keen to meet with those who…

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One Response to “Bishop of Durham urges North East to give evidence on food banks”

  1. Jeffrey Davies Says:

    59 bishops in Britain but only 49 said whot are you doing isn’t good to the government but where were the other ten still supping with old nick jeff3

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