Cameron’s Gini and the hidden hierarchy of worth

Kittysjones comprehensively critiques Cameron’s statement that inequality is less under the Tories by showing the weaknesses in the Gini Coefficient, the statistical device, on which his claim is based. She then presents the true statistics showing how much inequality has risen to punitive levels for the poor, the unemployed and the disabled under the Tories. The majority of the poor are actually working, which disproves the Tory nonsense about poverty being somehow a condition which only affects unemployed scroungers. the poor are being massively taxed to provide benefits for the rich. She presents not only the statistics for this, showing the proportion of income that the poor actually give away in tax, to the percentages showing how the government’s austerity measures have hit the poorest groups, including the disabled and the severely disabled. Finally, she gives the average amounts people have lost per year from the incomes due to Cameron. It’s truly horrific. Some people have lost over £4,000 in real terms. And the most vulnerable, the severely disabled, have lost over £8,000.

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