Boris Johnson calls for doorways to be made more comfortable for homeless

I do, however, look forward to one person becoming homeless: Mr Boris Alexander DeFeffel Johnson, when the finally kick him out of the mayor’s office.

Pride's Purge


London mayor Boris Johnson has called for anti-homeless spikes outside a luxury block of London flats to be removed immediately, saying more doorways should be made available for the homeless to use as accommodation.

The mayor of London urged the owner of the private block of deluxe apartments to remove the inch-high metal studs, arguing that the homeless crisis in London could only be solved by making sure as many doorways as possible in the capital were comfortable enough for poor people to sleep in.

Mr Johnson’s intervention comes just weeks after the mayor’s office announced plans to solve London’s housing affordability crisis by making more park benches and wheelie bins across the capital affordable for first-time buyers hoping to get on the first rung of the property ladder.


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