Why D-Day and the victory over Nazism must be linked to the welfare state and the NHS

Mike attacks an organisation calling itself ‘The Labour Forum’ for its attempts to silence those linking D-Day to the creation of the NHS. In fact, Mike is absolutely correct in his statements that the NHS was directly linked to the British experience of World War II and the failure of its malnourished and sickly citizens to withstand effectively the well-nourished and healthy German troops. The Nazi boast was that what little welfare provision the Liberals had introduced into Britain under Lloyd had already been introduced into Germany fifty years before in the 1870s by Bismarck.
Moreover, the experience of the Blitz also enabled the creation of the NHS because the German bombing campaigns hit rich and poor equally, so it was impossible not to provide the poor with the same medical assistance as their richer compatriots.
As for the supposed offensiveness of linking the NHS to D-Day and the War, the Labour government certainly did so in its 1946 election campaigns showing servicemen, and urging the public to give them the welfare state and Britain they deserved. Later Maggie used the same tactics. In the 1987 election broadcast, the Conservatives used so much footage of Battle of Britain spitfires zooming around that Punch’s Alan Coren quipped on the News Quiz that the War was won by ‘the Royal Conservative Airforce’, and noted the irony that after the War, despite Maggie’s attempt to rewrite history, ‘they all went off and voted Labour’. The Labour Forum’s attempt to isolate D-Day from the defence of the welfare state and NHS is itself ahistorical and propagandistic. They should be ashamed.

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140606nhsd-day A veteran’s view: Click on the image to read Harry Leslie Smith’s Guardian article.

I was disturbed, this morning, to read that parts of the media were trying to silence people who had created images and sites linking D-Day and its 70th anniversary with the National Health Service – its creation and current problems.

The comment was made by an organisation calling itself The Labour Forum and ran: “D-Day and the NHS have nothing to do with each other. Whatsoever. Any photos trying to link today’s political issues with D-Day are offensive and will be deleted immediately.”

This seems extremely strange to me because, from what I have read, the creation of the NHS and a ‘welfare state’ (the term did not actually enter the Oxford English Dictionary until 1955) were exactly what the soldiers at Normandy were fighting so steadfastly to ensure.

When Britain went to war in September…

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  1. jeffrey davies Says:

    don’t be mad they the little tory party are still to far right that being labour isn’t a thing they need they are so far up their bs that going back to grass roots isn’t in their agenda it seems that labour days are over until the working man sais we start another who will listen

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