Shame of British press as private health’s failure is blamed on the NHS

The Telegraphy is so right-wing that for years it’s been known as the Torygraph. Not that this makes it any different in this respect to Murdoch’s esteemed organ, The Times. The book, ‘Murdoch’s Politics,’ has argued that Murdoch’s own political stance has remained constant: right-wing, demanding greater privatisation of the public services, including the NHS.

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Daily Telegraph headline this morning: “15 babies poisoned by NHS drips”.

Terrifying – and entirely inaccurate.

Oh, 15 babies were poisoned by drips – and one has sadly died as a result – but the contamination is believed to have come from liquid feed manufactured by a private, London-based health company called ITH Pharma Ltd, and not from any equipment provided by the National Health Service.

Lazy reporting – or part of an ongoing campaign against the NHS by the privatisation-crazy right-wing press?

If the latter, it clearly backfired – as the public backlash against the story demonstrates.

Look at the ‘Comment’ column following the article. ‘Cochranereturns’ wrote: “Another headline from the DT trying to pin blame on the NHS when the fault lies outside the organisation. I complained to the Press Complaints Commission under clause one of their charter about the following headline last week: “NHS breaks promises after…

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