The London Paralympic legacy, two years later: Vox Political’s predictions were true

Mike did indeed warn us that this would happen to Britain’s paralympians. Sadly, it just seems to be par for the course for the Tories. They’ve done similar things to the non-disabled athletes. I remember back in Maggie’s day, when she wanted to surround herself with British athletes and sportsmen, who would say how much the Tories had done for them. In the case of one female British athlete, who I believe was a skater, she was severely disappointed. This particular lady said that she was absolutely not going to vote for Maggie, as she had cut funding, making it extremely difficult for her to pursue her career as a sportswoman. It’s a vile, shabby way to treat to treat men and women, who have worked hard to achieve excellence in their sporting fields despite their handicaps, and brought glory and respect to the nation at the Games. Some, indeed, became household names. Now the pride that they brought to the country has been tarnished by the government’s betrayal. But after the government has used and exploited them, we can expect the same people or those very much like them to complain next time around about how people aren’t getting involved in sport as much as they should, and complaining about Britain’s decline as a sporting nation. Well, what do you expect when you treat the nation’s sporting heroes like that?

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Plight of the Paralympians: This is what they were being told to expect in September 2012. Plight of the Paralympians: This is what they were being told to expect in September 2012.

Two years ago, Vox Political warned that the legacy of the London Paralympics would be the loss of disability benefits for the British athletes who took part.

“They have proven they’re fit enough to work and therefore don’t need [the money],” is how this blog’s article of the time described the situation. “Right?”


Gratitude goes to Tom Pride for drawing attention to the plight of basketball player Jon Pollock, who has been refused any benefits at all since he became unemployed after the Games.

His situation is exactly as Vox Political predicted in September 2012. Following up on previous warnings that the Coalition government had launched a campaign of hate against ordinary people who had been claiming incapacity or disability benefits, the article stated: “We knew that, once the chance for profile-boosting…

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