DWP Begs Charities To Collaborate In Cruelty

the void

CWP-quote A barely literate made up quote from the DWP leaflet calling on charities to force people to work for free.

The DWP has finally released the provider guidance for the new Community Workfare Placements, the new forced work scheme which may or may not be finally starting this month.  This is the set of rules that the private sector parasites running the placements have to follow and should be downloaded  and studied by anyone facing forced work on the scheme.

Alongside the guidance comes a leaflet begging organisations to take part, promising that forcing claimants to work without pay for six months can help charities “fulfil a social responsibility” and provide them with “extra support” for their work within the community.  They also hint that charities can expect to be paid by the tax payer for  becoming involved in workfare, although they warn this will be the decision of…

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One Response to “DWP Begs Charities To Collaborate In Cruelty”

  1. Joanna Says:

    What kind of mind altering drugs are the DWP on, anyone forced onto something on pain of destitution, is NEVER going to enjoy it!!!

    If I was forced onto one of these schemes, I would employ some nasty but very subtle sabotage!! If it ended up costing the charity, So what!! they shouldn’t have sold their soul to the devil!! And if I ended up with a criminal record, again so what! most unemployed are seen as criminals any way. murderers and paedophiles are treat much better!!

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