Nick Clegg: the Lib Dems are “doing well” (no really, he really said that)

I’m not surprised Clegg’s still trying to talk up his party’s chances of doing well in the elections next year. He has to, otherwise it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, in this case Clegg also comes across as either delusional, or, on the other hand, massively condescending, believing that the British electorate are stupid. It’s also possible he’s both.
Weirdly, he’s even got some of his supporters to parrot this. There was one on Andrew Marr this morning, loudly proclaiming that no, Clegg shouldn’t resign. He took the Lib Dems into power. This was followed by the rhetorical question ‘What else could he do?’ Well, Mike’s already pointed that one out. He could have formed a coalition government with Labour, or stayed in opposition and held onto some kind of electoral integrity that way. Even as a coalition partner, he could have performed much better by actually doing a far better job of blocking the worst Tory legislation. He did none of those, and further added insult to injury by making self-justifying, whinging speeches when he broke his electoral promises. Like not to raise student fees. This was followed by smooth spiel about ‘making difficult decisions’ and ‘having the courage to make the right decision’. Rubbish. Clegg jettisoned that policy with such speed that it was made very clear that he never took the promise seriously in the first place. Nevertheless, his sycophants and placemen in the party are saying that he shouldn’t resign, and asking, who would replace him, if he did. They ruled out Vince Cable, as he was already a member of the government, and so tainted in the same way as Clegg.
The answer to that is actually quite simple: none of the above. Presumably there are other Lib Dem MPs, who are not part of the cabinet, unless the party is now so small that all the parliamentary party now sits round the table at No. 10. You simply put in motions for party elections for the leadership, and wait for someone from the backbenches to move forward. This, however, is clearly unpalatable for the Lib Dem leadership, who will stand behind their man all the way until the party finally hits the iceberg and they all go down.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s Nick Clegg!)

Occasionally – very occasionally – there’s a really really really low point a politician hits when they go from being someone I usually deride to someone I actually start to feel a bit sorry for.

Congratulations Nick Clegg – you’ve just hit that rare low point.

After the disastrous Lib Dems results from the local elections yesterday Nick Clegg has actually gone on record as saying he thinks the Lib Dems are “doing well“.

Yes – he really did say that.

And even more bizarrely, he also said the Lib Dems are “still winning“.

You can read Clegg’s comments here – if you can bear to witness someone being in denial to the point of being seriously delusional:

I’m not going to quit, says Clegg

If he really does believe his party is doing well, am I the only one getting seriously concerned about Nick Clegg’s state…

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