Will you give British sovereignty to a foreign business?

Mike here presents the case that the real threat to British sovereignty and specifically the NHS comes not from the EU, but from the TTIP with America. This will lead to corporate law superseding the legislation of the signatory states, and providing for and locking in the privatisation of the NHS. Mike also gives the answers the Welsh MEPs have given to his letter outlining his concerns. Labour and the Greens will stand up for British national sovereignty and the NHS against the trade agreement. The Tories won’t. Mike gives a detailed critique of the Tory MEP’s letter arguing for the wonderful advantages of the deal. These are, of course, highly speculative, and contrary to her assertions, will not benefit the working class one bit. They will, of course, provide a lot of moolah for the Tories’ corporate paymasters.

Part of Mike’s argument against the deal is the number of jobs that America has lost through the establishment of NAFTA, the trading bloc it has established with Mexico and Canada: 1 million. It’s might seem a trivial amount in a country which has a population of over 300 million, but it’s left a very bitter aftertaste amongst many Americans, including many who consider themselves Libertarians. And in Mexico, Lobster reported about a decade and a half or more ago that 100,000 jobs had been lost in Mexico through it. This isn’t going to lead to more jobs and prosperity for Brits if it goes through. It’s just going to make the fat cats at the top of the multinationals even richer. Which is exactly how the Tories and UKIP want.

Mike Sivier's blog

[Image: The Guardian] [Image: The Guardian] It is the eve of the European Parliamentary elections. How much do you really know about what your candidates would do – if elected?

Much of the debate so far has focused on personalities rather than policies – but does it really matter that Labour won’t commit to an in-out referendum on our EU membership (which is a UK Parliament issue in any case) if its MEPs do their job properly and defend the interests of the British people in the Brussels assembly?

Does it matter that the Conservatives are promising such a referendum, if they give away your right to a high-quality health service, along with your rights at work, to American companies?

These are the issues that really matter.

A few months ago, Vox Political was running articles on the highly controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, currently being negotiated between the European Union and…

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