Tory Democrats on Europe: Confused and negative campaigning

Misleading election literature and stealing the credit for others’ achievements seems to be general Tory Democrat policy. Tim Kent, the Tory Democrat candidate for my part of Bristol, in his election material has claimed credit for the developers of our local church now having agreed to build more houses as part of the work. It was nothing to do with him, but was worked out by the local community and the church clergy and congregation during public consultation. It seems to suggest that this deceit is a national policy, and that the Tory Democrats are desperate to be seen to have done something positive. So, given the lack of any kind of truth in their election leaflets, there is absolutely no reason anyone should trust them to represent them at the local elections, in Westminster or Brussels.

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Negative campaigning at its worst: It's what the Liberal - or is it Tory? - Democrats do best. Negative campaigning at its worst: It’s what the Liberal – or is it Tory? – Democrats do best.

If you thought the Tory manifesto was a deceitful joke, or the row over UKIP’s policies was damaging, have you seen what the Liberal (?) Democrats have been sending around?

Here’s a letter sent to houses here in Brecon and Radnorshire. It starts with the famous Lib Dem block graph, which is a mainstay of all their election communications in places where they have won seats. Presumably they keep using it because it is effective but one has to doubt this example, as it does not feature a European election result, but that of the last UK general election in 2010.

They cannot use a block graph to show a favourable result in the last European election because they don’t have any Welsh MEPs, and the result in the…

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