Pfizer makes new ‘final’ offer to buy Wales

Unfortunately, I can see some Tories having just that view of Wales as a holiday destination for people, who can’t afford Portugal. As for selling off the Principality to a corporation, that really wouldn’t surprise me. At the millennium the Independent ran a feature in which various experts looked into the future. One predicted that Europe would begin to look more medieval as the nation state broke down and national armies were replaced by mercenaries. Well, Robert, the eldest son of William the Conqueror, mortgaged Normandy so he could go on crusade, and Richard the Lionheart said that he would have sold London, if only he could have found a buyer. And the idea of a multinational corporation purchasing a country is found in John Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar. Set in a vastly overpopulated future, part of the book’s plot concerns the sale of a fictional African country to an American corporation by its head of state after he finds its problems impossible to solver with his own resources.

Pride's Purge


US drugs giant Pfizer has made an improved offer for Wales as it tries to tie up the largest foreign takeover of a UK country.

The new offer of £55 per share would value Wales at about £6bn.

The offer constitutes a 15% increase from Pfizer’s proposal on 2 May and is final and cannot be increased, it said.

The US company is now offering government ministers in London £24.76 in cash and 1.747 shares in the country – worth a combined £55 – for each share currently they don’t hold.

What we’ve learned tonight is that there were talks over the weekend and actually Pfizer made a tentative approach of £53.50 but was told by the Welsh Assembly this in their view substantially undervalued the country,” said BBC chief economics correspondent Hugh Pym. “I think there’s a game of poker going on here.

Pfizer plans to create the world’s…

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