Bill Drummond, UKIP and Censorship

This piece provides some further background information on UKIP’s double standards when it comes to free speech. It begins by describing UKIP’s anger and the Telegraph’s complaints about Left-wing censorship after a former member of the KLF painted over one of their election posters with grey paint, in order to stimulate debate on their policies. It also discusses the recent case where the police investigated Michael Abberton, a Green party activist on behalf of a candidate for UKIP, who was offended by Abberton’s use of an anti-UKIP meme that had been around for several months. It’s interesting that the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire is Graham, a former Tory MP, who was responsible in the 1980s for the moral panic against ‘video nasties’, and then became the leader behind Cameron’s War on Porn. This piece is also important because it discusses the types of speech that is protected under the Human Rights Act, which include political, artistic and commercial expression, including comment on matters of legitimate public debate and concern. This is the same legislation that UKIP wants to get rid of. UKIP may be Libertarians economically, but they’re a long way from defending free speech and democracy.

My Little Underground

With the European Elections just over a week away, the campaigning is getting more and more frantic, but the news is dominated not by discussion of policies but of censorship, and even worse, totalitarian style police intimidation of political campaigners.

For the unaware things kicked off last week with UKIP complaining about former KLF co-founder Bill Drummond painting a UKIP billboard in Birmingham grey in a political stunt which is very typically Drummond. This caused UKIP supporters to froth merrily that Drummond was indulging in ‘censorship’ though it’s worth noting Drummond’s final couple of paragraphs from the article where he discusses what he’s done.

That was only a couple of hours ago, but already the doubts are rushing in. Photos of my handiwork are out there in Facebook and Twitter-land, being shared, retweeted, liked and favoured. Is all I’ve done pull the pose of the rebel? A mere publicity stunt?…

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