UKIP backlash gains momentum with Farage radio interview

Mike here discusses Farage’s interview with LBC radio’s James O’Brien, during which Farage was asked some very tough questions about some of the racist and homophobic comments by members of his party, including himself. Like UKIP councillor John Lyndon Sullivan, who tweeted about shooting gays as a possible deterrent to homosexuality. Then there’s UKIP’s spokesman on small businesses, who was found employing illegal immigrants.

O’Brien also held him to account over his own racially inflammatory and hypocritical views, such as describing his discomfort in a railway carriage in which most of the passengers spoke a foreign language, when his children are half-German; associating with extreme Right-wing, racist parties, like the True Finns and Danish People’s Party in the European parliament, and stirring up fears about Romanian Gypsies stealing British jobs. For all Farage’s invective against the ‘political class’, I doubt he was prepared for such tough questioning as his spin doctor stopped the interview about one minute from the end. Buddyhell over at Guy Debord’s Cat has blogged on how the BBC tends to give very soft interviews to the stormtroopers of the extreme Right, with the example of a ’70s interview with Martin Webster of the National Front, and a rather chummy interview between Andrew Marr and Farage.

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Friends in right-wing places: Nigel Farage with (among others) US right-wingers Ron Paul and James Beeland Rogers Jr. [Image swiped from Pride's Purge.] Friends in right-wing places: Nigel Farage with (among others) US right-wingers Ron Paul and James Beeland Rogers Jr. [Image swiped from Pride’s Purge.] LBC radio interviewer James O’Brien’s encounter with Nigel Farage has been gaining attention and approval up and down the UK, after it became clear that the charismatic UKIP leader wasn’t just defeated on many issues – he was routed.

Considering Farage’s own win against Nick Clegg in the televised debates earlier this year, it seems we’ve come to a lamentable situation in this country, where politicians can lose a battle of wits with anyone who has taken the time to do a little research.

That being said, if anyone were to ask who you would prefer to have running the country, it’s unlikely that either profession would figure in the top two.

The interviewer confirmed the findings of many social media bloggers over the past few days…

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