Nigel Farage and the man who trashed the pound. Twice.

Mike’s reblogged this over at Vox Political, and it’s well worth reblogging as it shows the hypocrisy and essential hollowness of Farage’s claim to be standing up for our currency, economy and national sovereignty. I can remember when Soros and Rogers comprehensively wrecked our economy during John Major’s stay at No. 10. The result was Black Wednesday. Major was forced, if I remember rightly, to do something similar to Gordon Brown when he was forced to escalate the national debt simply to keep international capitalism for melting down. That was, of course, due to Lehman brothers, the toxic vampire squid, and the other Wall Street Banks. I can remember at the time a friend of mine reassuring me that thing’s weren’t going to be too bad, as there was still food in the shops for a fortnight, which would give the country a little time before the rioting and starvation started. There were also reports of financial executives committing suicide by leaping to their deaths. This made its way into the cartoon titles of that season’s Have I Got News For You. So if we are to condemn Gordon Brown for wrecking the economy over something he had no control over, we should also condemn Nigel Farage for his friendship with those, who were also responsible for something similar twenty years ago. As for Ron Paul and the Tea Party, they are notoriously Right-wing and ‘Libertarian’, so they are naturally attractive to Farage, who is another extremely Right-wing financier.

I also suspect from this that Farage would like us to develop closer links with America. Way back in the 1990s and noughties the Republicans repeatedly suggested that Britain should leave the EU and join NAFTA with Canada and Mexico. This is the North American Free Trade Association, membership of which also managed to contribute to wrecking Mexico’s economy as jobs were lost as American companies managed to gain access to Mexican markets, something they hadn’t been able to do before. It looks like Farage would very, very much like to do the same to Britain. He ain’t a patriot, just another willing accomplice of American multinational capitalism wishing to trash this country for a few bucks from his paymasters.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Isn’t UKIP leader Nigel Farage supposed to love the pound?

He must do because he decided to use it as the logo for his party:

UKIP logoSo why – during his jaunt to the US last year – has Nigel been having cosy dinners and generally hanging out (as our American cousins would say) with a man who not only once but twice tried to trash the pound – once calling sterling a “basket case” – in order to further his personal investments.

Here’s a recent picture of Farage with some of his US pals:

farage and jim rogersThe man on the far left (!) is Ron Paul (a man who is so right-wing he’s known in the US as the Godfather of the Tea Party). But even more interestingly the man second on the right with the pink top is billionaire investor James Beeland Rogers, Jr. –…

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