UKIP uncovered: More hidden policies revealed (part one of a possible series)

Mike here examines two of the three Tory policies mentioned by the Green party campaigner in his spoof UKIP poster, which had no positive references to back them up. However, both were articulated as UKIP policies, in their 2010 and 2013 manifesto and policy statements, or in statements by Farage himself. Where UKIP now lie regarding the building of homes on green belt land is unclear. They do, however, stand for complete deregulation of the banks. Mike is absolutely correct in that, contra to what Farage says, Labour pursued a policy of light regulation, aimed at allowing the financial sector to police itself. Which it manifestly didn’t, with disastrous consequences for everyone not a squillionaire. As for the reasons why UKIP should wish to pursue this failed policy, my guess is because UKIP, for all its populism, is primarily a party for the rich, and like the Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour determined to win over rich donors.

Mike Sivier's blog

[Image:] [Image:] Yesterday’s article (UKIP: They don’t like it up ’em) delved into the facts behind a controversial meme that has been doing the rounds on the social media.

The image claims to be publicising UKIP policies, and seven out of the 10 policies claimed for the party have been verified, as demonstrated in the VP article.

Vox Political has been doing a little digging into the others.

The claim that UKIP wants to cancel all planned house-building on Green Belt land appears to have been based on the party’s 2010 general election and 2013 local election manifestos, which are no longer available to the public. Party members have stated many times, recently, that Nigel Farage has rubbished the 2010 document and its contents are not to be taken as UKIP policy. The party’s attitude to its manifesto from last year is less clear.

The relevant line, as…

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