UKIP Are Libertarians Who Want to Privatise the NHS and Destroy the Welfare State


Jayne Linney in her recent post on UKIP highlighting their deeply unpleasant domestic policies support her points with links to the party’s own statements of their policies. One of these links takes you to the local UKIP party for Hillingdon. These state that UKIP is a Libertarian party that is opposed to redistribution. They say:

‘UKIP Policies


Libertarianism is the belief that each person has the right to live his life as he chooses so long as he respects the equal rights of others. Libertarians defend each person’s right to life, liberty, and property. In the libertarian view, voluntary agreement is the gold standard of human relationships. If there is no good reason to forbid something (a good reason being that it violates the rights of others), it should be allowed. Force should be reserved for prohibiting or punishing those who themselves use force, such as murderers, robbers, rapists, kidnappers, and defrauders (who practice a kind of theft). Most people live their own lives by that code of ethics. Libertarians believe that that code should be applied consistently, even to the actions of governments, which should be restricted to protecting people from violations of their rights. Governments should not use their powers to censor speech, conscript the young, prohibit voluntary exchanges, steal or “redistribute” property, or interfere in the lives of individuals who are otherwise minding their own business.’

In fact, Libertarianism the political creed of extreme laissez faire capitalism, formulated by Von Hayek and Mises, who both served the Austrofascist government of Engelbert Dollfuss before escaping to America. Von Hayek was then quite happy to travel to Chile to see how his policies were put into operation by the murderous dictator General Pinochet.

They go on to say they will

Launch partnerships with the private and charity sectors to increase efficiency and choice and bring in health care vouchers for those who wish to opt out of the NHS.

• Give parents school vouchers to allow them to choose their children’s schools.

This effectively means breaking up the NHS. Their statement about negotiating with the private and charity sectors should also ring alarm bells. In Britain before the introduction of the NHS, hospital treatment for the poor was mostly through charity. They wish to turn the clock back prior to 1945.

The idea of school vouchers also comes from von Hayek and the Chicago School. It has been introduced in Chile, and comprehensively wrecked that country’s education system. For the details, check out the article over at Guy Debord’s Cat.

On welfare benefits as a whole, they further state:

• Ensure that benefits are only for those who have lived here for over 5 years. Make welfare a safety net for the needy, not a bed for the lazy.

This means a further dismantling of the welfare state, beyond what has already been done by the Tories, Lib Dems and New Labour. Removing it from immigrants is simply the first step. As for the benefits system being a ‘bed for the lazy’, this can only come from people, who have never had to sign on in their lives and have absolutely no idea about the bullying, harassment and despair and you can now encounter in your local jobcentre.

UKIP are a disgrace. They are no friend to the working or lower middle classes. If they get into power they will destroy the last remains of state protection for the poor, the sick and disabled.

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9 Responses to “UKIP Are Libertarians Who Want to Privatise the NHS and Destroy the Welfare State”

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  5. jaynel62 Says:

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    Another Solid set of reasons, this time from Beast, NOT to vote UKIP – Anyone thinking of doing so please READ their back of a fag packet ‘policies’

  6. vicmart009 Says:

    It’s Wednesday 7-30 am and I am a tired & weary old activist using today’s new armour & weapons in order to attempt to make young people aware of their own voluntary imposed demise. May I thank all of those apart from one blogger whom I have had the honour to meet through Mike Sivier’s blog. I am not convinced that any of the existing political parties are aware what the future holds for the people of the UK & Wales :except possibly the people of Scotland in their evolution with the SNP.
    At present in the UK & Wales their are many millions of people who are young ,momentarily free and disenfranchised from society. They have been deliberately herded & segregated in to a world that I am not familiar with , nor I believe a world of their own choosing. Many still have no connection to something or someone that’s real or built on firm foundations on what humanity could or might be. That is sad ,so sad for them & their children until they go under. I hopefully wish that they can get their arse of the chair & fight back.
    Long live humanity, justice & freedom ! May 14th 2014.

  7. Guy Ropes Says:

    “The last remains of state protection…..?” What you mean that the coalition and New Labour have actually left something for UKIP to pick over? You are correct in your assumption: there are only the remains of a welfare state. So who shall we vote for in 12 months? The unprincipled, uncaring, couldn’t-give-a-toss bunch that have supposedly ‘ruled’ for the last 20 years? A bunch so devoid of any ideas that as a last throw of the dice they have to invent the protectionist phrase “legacy parties” to give themselves some sort of legitimacy. I can’t wait for the next phase when we hear all the LabConDems speakers reminding us that unless we vote for one of the ‘legacy parties’, (all with proud and inspiring histories) that vote is a wasted one. You’re stuck in your own time warp, wishing and hoping that something is going to turn up. You appear to be cheerleaders for the useless ‘legacy 3’. Do something positive: at least encourage people to vote Green as an alternative. But then you recall what they’ve done in Brighton and you have to have yet another re-think.

    • Rai Says:

      So, apart from a revolution and an overthrow of the status quo as in the Ukraine what do YOU advocate. Personally I would go back to the principles of the Levellers and remove Parlimentary privilage and go for yearly parliments with locally elected and paid for representatives who can be removed at any time. This would break the power of the ‘parties’ and reinforce local democracy.

  8. Thomas Evans Says:

    Ahem! Liar!

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