The Angry Yorkshireman – Censored by UKIP

The Angry Yorkshireman over at Another Angry Voice is another victim of UKIP’s attempt to censor the satirical image of their logo showing all the appalling Right-wing policies they really don’t want anyone to know about, in case it stops them voting for them. Mike, over at Vox Political, has covered the way the image’s creator, a Green party activist, was visited by two policemen after his local UKIP candidate got annoyed and complained about infringement of copyright. The Angry Yorkshireman has suffered the same harassment. He was using the image on Facebook, and removed it himself in his first and only act of self-censorship after receiving ‘legalistic threats’ from a UKIP candidate. He states that he has not had any similar threat of legal action or by any of the three mainstream parties after he used their images to criticise them. He states

Even though it is absolutely clear that UKIP would have been laughed out of court had they attempted to use the legal process to force me into this act of censorship, I still decided to go ahead and delete the image because any decisions made over this case wouldn’t have been made in a British court of law, they would have been made unilaterally and arbitrarily by Facebook. The reality of the situation is that Facebook don’t need the approval of a British judge and/or jury in order to shut down my page, they can pretty much do whatever they like on their own website (check their terms and conditions).

He also explains that he believes that the censorship will not stop criticism of UKIP, but will instead increase it by drawing attention to the party’s intolerance and inability to accept criticism. He also makes it plain that he himself is more determined than ever to criticise UKIP as they have demonstrated that they are a clear, intolerant threat to free speech and democracy.

This incident will not prevent me from continuing to criticise UKIP. In fact it has made me even more certain that this extreme-right party represents a grave threat to what remains of our democracy and our freedoms after 35 long years of neoliberal ideology. If they’re prepared to make threats like these to curtail our freedom of speech when they have no real political power, it’s easy to assume that they would come up with something a lot more draconian than the (already deeply disturbing) Gagging Law, should the nightmare scenario happen and we end up with a Tory-UKIP coalition in 2015.

The full article is at It’s entitled, ‘Why I Chose to Self-Censor After Legalistic Attacks from UKIP. Go read it. Then do the sensible thing, and vote for just about anybody else in the coming elections.

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9 Responses to “The Angry Yorkshireman – Censored by UKIP”

  1. sdbast Says:

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  2. Joanna Says:

    Hi beast have you read this that Ukip have said about “children in care”

    This a big insult to me because I was taken into care when I was 4yrs old after appalling abuse from my mother, and then I was used as a cash cow by the social services by being labelled as a special needs child, there was nothing wrong with me that loving support couldn’t have remedied. I never broke any laws during my childhood, yet I was treat as a young offender and it was a huge stigma to be from a children home because I was always treat like a freak. That is very hard to overcome and I still haven’t. I have been left with the feeling that I do not deserve any love, and I have been left unable to fall in love, or even to feel any love from anyone! Yet I do not drink alcohol or take any illegal drugs, in that way I am lucky I made good choices or was able to.

    I am sorry to get personal but this article has upset enormously, and this is a very cathartic way, to try to deal with feelings of utter hopelessness!

    • beastrabban Says:

      A lot of people were extremely unimpressed about Gordon Gillick’s comments about children in care. Tom Pride over at Pride’s Purge blogged on it as an example of just how deeply unpleasant UKIP and their candidates are. I also reblogged the piece, as did a number of other people. He pointed out that Gillick was the husband of Victoria Gillick, who sort-of nearly stepped into Mary Whitehouse’s shoes as the defender of British public morality. Their daughter, however, was a bit of a rebel. There was a photo of her standing topless behind her husband smoking when she was a teenager, with beer bottles clearly in evidence.

      You’ve mentioned your background as a child, who was taken into care and the dreadful psychological effect it’s had on you before. I’m sorry it’s left you so mentally scarred, and that the grotesque attitude of Gillick has brought it all back. Don’t despair! One of my aunt’s fostered a girl, who had been taken into care, and that girl is now a young woman in a secure relationship with a family of her own. Take a leaf from the slogan of one of the other bloggers out there – I can’t remember if it’s Jayne Linney or Glynis Millward, but it’s the one that says: ‘everyone is of equal worth’. You’re still a valuable person, who deserves love like everyone else. And you’d be surprised how many other people have also felt like you at times, even those you think have every advantage. So, best foot forward, and don’t let Gillick and other wasters and idiots like him grind you down. No-one agrees with his attitude. That’s why Tom posted up his comment: to torpedo UKIP by showing just how unpleasant and weird they are.

  3. Mike Sivier Says:

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  4. oogenhand Says:

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  5. Barry Davies Says:

    Well it is better to look at UKIP’s own site for information on what UKIP stands for not these fabricated pieces of nonsense

    • beastrabban Says:

      Not fabricated, Barry. The attempt to censor Michael Abberton is in the papers, while UKIP’s policies of privatising the NHS and cutting the welfare state still further in accordance with their Libertarian ideology comes from what their party has said.

  6. Thomas Says:

    The sooner UKIP implodes the better. It’s sad that with a justified longing for change so many people have voted for a far right Europe hating borderline racist party full of cranks crazies and racists.

  7. Joanna Says:

    Did you know that gillick was given state grants, to send 8 of his own children to public school! so now who is the taker? and a hypocrite!!

    Do you not think there should be limit on how old a politician should be to be in office, I am not being ageist but 70 odd some people no matter how nice are usually out of touch.

    I am so sorry if this opinion offends anyone!

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