Why capitalism needs unemployment

Yesterday I posted a quote by Ernest Bevin, in which he stated that unemployment was not accidental, but a weapon used by the capitalists against the workers. This detailed piece fully corroborates Bevin’s views. The Angry Yorkshireman, over at Another Angry Voice, has also produced a similar piece on the pro-unemployment views of the Chicago School. This supplies quotes from the architects and supporters of this policy, including the Financial Times, which wanted perhaps as many as a further half a million to be redundant to combat inflation. Then there’s the former Labour, now Tory politician, David ‘Fraud’ Freud, who thinks we should have a recession every 5 or 6 years to generate unemployment, with short-term joblessness the best, in order to benefit private industry. Fraud has also come out with some truly horrendous comments about the unemployed, the poor and the lower classes as well. It was Fraud, who stated that the poor and unemployed should be more flexible than the rich, as they have less to lose. This sums up the government’s attitude to the poor completely: they don’t understand them, they don’t like them, and they certainly don’t care about their suffering.

Cheltenham & Gloucester Against Cuts

    Any worker who`s ever complained to their boss and been told “if you don`t want to work here there are plenty who do” will understand why Karl Marx described the role of the unemployed (and underemployed) under capitalism as “the reserve army of labour”.
      The press and politicians take every opportunity to divide and rule the working class by casting suspicion on those who are unemployed, but those in work know that the very threat of unemployment helps the bosses to impose their will on us. When unemployment rises, the threat is greater, and employers become bold enough to force pay cuts on workers.
     Mainstream economists have a more academic approach and study the labour “market” in great detail, but just like the bosses they recognise the importance of unemployment under capitalism. In the late 1960s influential US economist Milton Friedman came up with the term “the…

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