Ernest Bevin on Capitalism’s Deliberate Creation of Unemployment

Ernest Bevin pic

I found this quotation by the trade unionist and Labour politician, Ernest Bevin, in Francis Williams’ biography of the great man:

Unemployment is not accidental. it is deliberate on the part of the capitalistic system. The one weapon in the hands of the capitalist is starvation, not his brains, ability or managerial capacity, but his ability to hold or withhold the means to life to break you when your children cry for bread. (p. 91).

This is all too true. The Libertarians of the Chicago School recommended that there should be a constant unemployment rate of 6 per cent in order to prevent wages rising. And Margaret Thatcher’s administration deliberately destroyed British heavy industries, such as mining and steel, in order to break the unions.

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11 Responses to “Ernest Bevin on Capitalism’s Deliberate Creation of Unemployment”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

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  2. Tim Says:

    Now they create ‘faux-employment’ – workfare, zero hours contracts, part-time, etc.

    This is to give the illusion of helping people into work while maintaining poverty, fear and starvation.

  3. pippakin Says:

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    The Labour party as it was and as it was intended always to be. Great men and women dedicated their lives to improving the lot of working people. The current Labour leadership are not fit to clean Bevins shoes. Labour has been hijacked by closet Tories and all disadvantaged people are paying the price.

  4. vicmart009 Says:

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    If only all the different organisations & factions within the socialist movement in the UK could come together using the TUC as its umbrella then & only then shall we make the changes that most socialist dream of. If only, if only their was a way .Cometh the hour that signals the woman to end this debacle of evil. Why are socialist men such incompetent misogynist scrappers. Their main philosophy is entombed within their phallic pride of a brain. They still hold on to their old fashioned , tired & negative cheap self pride. Who wants to be ruled & governed by a government of dick heads. Being born a man ,I still have fantasy’s of this slave capitalist society ending. Sadly a never ending dream !

  5. sdbast Says:

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  6. Editor Says:

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  7. Barry Davies Says:

    It’s why the jobs market is being flooded, and the unemployment figures being doctored with sanctions and atos/serco are denying people valid claims to cut the real figure.

  8. prayerwarriorpsychicnot Says:

    Absolutely true. Creating a mass market is as reliable as monopoly for generating huge profits. Make sure you have millions of potential customers and you create an auction-like set up where you only need to sell your goods at the highest price to the smallest number of customers. Everyone else can starve/go homeless as far as the profiteers are concerned. Creating a hugely over-subscribed labour market bids wages down to the lowest level – below subsistence – and allows you to extract the maximum work for the longest time under the worst conditions.
    And what is the role of politics in this situation. Protecting the interests of the entire population, or enabling the interests of the minority of profiteers. Whatever our politicians believe in, it is not democracy.

  9. prayerwarriorpsychicnot Says:

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  10. Smiling Carcass Says:

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