Unwell person incited to commit suicide – on David Cameron’s Facebook page

This just about shows the monstrous indifference to real suffering and desperation shown by the Conservatives and Cameron. And it’s just one in a long line of incidents that show the callousness and personal treachery of the government. IDS, for example, attempted to have one foreign-born woman deported after she approached him about the problems she was having gaining benefits to which she was legally entitled. Yes, the internet is populated by trolls – the bored and malign, who get a malicious kick out of annoying and upsetting people. But it’s not hard to mod a website, and money should not be object for people as personally wealthy as Cameron. There’s no excuse for this – it’s just callous indifference, mixed with genuine malice to those whom the Tories consider beneath them. It’s another eloquent indictment not just of the Prime Minister, but of his entire government.

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Just when you think you’ve seen the lowest the Conservatives can go, something happens that is completely beyond the pale.

Yesterday a message was posted to David Cameron’s Facebook page from a person who said they were going to commit suicide because they had been wrongly sanctioned.

The response – from one of Cameron’s supporters – was as follows: “Well get on with it then.”

This serious disability hate remark has been allowed to remain ever since – on the Prime Minister’s own Facebook page, which we are led to understand is overseen by professionals who, let’s not forget, paid for people to visit it and press the ‘Like’ button in order to make him look popular, and who may reasonably be expected to moderate such offensive behaviour off the page before it causes any real harm.

You can read more details on the Atos Miracles Facebook page.


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