The Aim of Tory Policy: The Expansion of Workfare and the End of Unemployment Benefit?

IDS Stalin

IDS as Stalin, image created from Another Angry Voice

The government has announced yet more sanctions and conditions to drive the unemployed into workfare. I’ve blogged before, along with others, such as the Angry Yorkshireman over at Another Angry Voice, on the similarity between IDS’ Department of Work and Pensions and Stalin’s used of forced labour in the Soviet Union. One consequence of this was that in the 1930s Stalin discontinued unemployment benefit, because there was officially no unemployment. It won’t be too long now before the same argument is made by the government to justify the workfare policy. The work is there, and we’re helping you into a job. Therefore there is no need to provide unemployment benefit, which only lazy scroungers would take anyway. Instead, those forced into workfare would be given something like a ‘retraining’ or ‘Probationary Employee’ allowance. Although, come to think of it, they’ve already taken away any claim that it’s about unemployment support by calling it ‘Jobseeker’s Allowance’. It’s nearly at this point already. We need to stop it before it finally gets there, and more people die.

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16 Responses to “The Aim of Tory Policy: The Expansion of Workfare and the End of Unemployment Benefit?”

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  4. mey151 Says:

    but if we kill off the unfit and i wont do its then we are left with a fit yes sir population, just what the tories ordered or is this kinda recycling nazi policies ?

  5. bookmanwales Says:

    It may be nearer than we think. Given the amount of public support for the Tory policies and the inaction / silence of the Labour Party and unions this could be passed without a murmur from the public or press. Let us not forget, all these changes are wholeheartedly implemented by JSP staff under the reasoning “we are just doing our jobs”

    Like all dictatorships the collusion of the media and public servants makes slavery, death camps, mass extermination and ultimate control extremely easy for those at the top. Even the so called “leftie press” have been extremely quiet about all the refoms to date, no doubt preferring to leave the systems in place should the need arise to silence any dissent aimed at a future government.

    Whilst those at the top retain their privileges nothing will be said and those at the bottom are deserving targets for all and any cruelty politicians wish to heap on them.

    The tweet on Cameron’s FB page and various FB postings show there are plenty of people out there willing to take on the role of the SS or NKVD. Whilst one could say this was an isolated tweet from a lunatic one can also ask if it was left there as a gauge of public reaction to people dying ?

    Given that we presume more than 10,000 people died after or within weeks of being declared fit for work by ATOS the question is why all the FOI requests for the latest figures are requested by private individuals rather than the mainstream media.

    The sad truth is the public at large, unless it affects them directly, care not about unemployed, disabled, lazy, scroungers and benefit cheats dying in their 10’s of thousands as Jungle Celebrity or BGT makes much more interesting news and a far better topic of conversation on the morning coffee break.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Regarding the silence and inactivity of the leftie press and the Labour party, I think there’s a mixture of corporate interests and political loyalty at work here. The Labour party has swallowed much the same Neoliberal poison as the Tories and now the Lib Dems. It does not want to criticise the system too much for fear of scaring away prospective corporate donors and the Right-wing press Blair courted when he was posing as Maggie’s successor.

      As for the Leftie press, there was an outcry a few years ago by the Guardian and some of other, very few Left-wing newspapers at a book that was written pointing out how they colluded or supported some very Right-wing policies or attitudes.

      And you’re right about the apathy and personal vindictiveness of much of the public towards the poor, the unemployed and the disabled, preferring the distraction of I’m A Celebrity … and Britain’s Got Talent.

  6. Florence Says:

    As I just finished posting on another blog, the intention of pushing the unemployed onto zero hours contract is another facet of this fascistic war against the poor and the welfare state. It will effectively push them into ZHCs from Agencies, who will then be required to fill in UC data for each one to get their benefit. Obviously they can then bully and victimise the ZHC “worker” as they can control if or when they then get UC. It will be outside any form of government control, appeal, tribunal or intervention by MPs which at least are options now, however ineffective.

    Vile just doesn’t cover it. Sadistic is probably closer to the mark.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I completely agree. It’s all part of the government’s campaign to have a supine, terrified and cheap labour source.

  7. seachranaidhe1 Says:

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  8. Barry Davies Says:

    That picture of IDS as Stalin actually makes him look more human and caring than in reality he is, more like a 1940’s labour candidate.

  9. A6er Says:

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  10. thoughtfullyprepping Says:

    Interesting isn’t it.

    Daily Mail. The unemployed will have their benefits stopped if they refuse to take a zero-hours job, under draconian new welfare reforms.

    Yet another body blow to the unemployed and those less able to defend themselves YET what’s the overall reaction from the masses, the media, the churches, let alone the unions, Labour and the like?

    Nowt, Nada, nothing, diddley. Except to say “That’s wrong”.

    A year ago (like quite a few “eyes wide open” people) we were discussing the likelihood of a summer of discontent and the threat that posed to the general public let alone preppers. The spectre of street protests, the mass voice of “the people” taking to the streets.

    Boy did I (nay we) get it wrong.
    At that time we all thought the English had some spirit left.
    It would appear that we were soooo wrong.

    The English disease (ABC) has run it’s course and done it’s job well. It’s infected nearly everyone and Compliant sheeple rule OK.

    (ABC) Apathetic, Brain dead, and Compliant.

    By the time the general election comes, there won’t be any unemployed. At least on paper.

    Talking to a guy who lives in France who took part in the last little “expression of rage”, he noted that “In France when we want things changed we do something”. You British just roll over and go back to sleep”.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Yeah, there were a lot of people expecting this summer riots to flare up all over the place. I was one of them. There’s still a lot of rage there, simmering underneath the surface. It’s just that the latest assault on the poor and unemployed isn’t quite the right trigger. Part of the problem may be that it’s simply a case of salami tactics: the Tories and Lib Dems make a slice at a time, and so you get used to it. Nothing different, nothing extraordinary, more of the same. The last riots were triggered by the shooting of Mark Duggan, and my guess is that it’ll take something as dramatic as that to spark things off again.

      • thoughtfullyprepping Says:

        Curious how people have died, and committed suicide due to the perpetual attack on the weak.
        Yet no reaction.

        I was brought up in a caring society that is no more. Recently when I needed assistance it came freely without reserve from my Polish neighbor whilst the Brits just stood back and gawked.
        Thus, the last time the Poles had problems I helped them.

        Know what? I got it in the neck from the neighborhood for helping them too.

        LIGAF what those fools thought.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Sorry to hear your Brit neighbours didn’t help you when you needed it, but very glad your Polish friends did. You know who your real friends are when that happens. I honestly don’t know what happened to our society. I think the boom years from the 80s onwards corroded much of the community solidarity that still existed as recently as the 1970s. Certainly when I was growing up my parents and their neighbours in the street helped each other out.

        It’s something that’s peculiar to English, or at least British, rather than Irish society. I was talking to one of the women at Uni a few years ago, and she said that she was shocked when she first came to England how selfish and individualist
        people were over here, putting themselves first over their families. Those community values still exist, but sociological they’ve always been more associated with the working rather than with the middle classes.

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