7 Responses to “19th Century Campaigns for Trade Union and Working Class Representation in Parliament”

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  3. jess Says:

    Three volumes you need to get a hold of, beast.

    D. Vincent; Testaments of Radicalism..1790-1885
    (Autobiographies of five working class radicals. From Hardy of the LCS to a former Chartist writing just before the formation of the ILP)

    B. Taylor; ‘Eve and the New Jerusalem,’
    (A pretty definitive book on female participation in early labour struggles. There have been good studies on Chartist Women; Women in the SDF, and ‘Female Infidels’, but Taylor sets the scene, so to speak)

    R. Harrison; ‘Before The Socialists’
    (A bit dated now, but the essays were ‘groundbreaking at the time and cover the period post-Chartism to just before the SDF.
    It lacks a decent assessment of ‘Radicalism’, that post Chartist mixture of Republicanism, Secularism and Socialism that led to the ILP that we are still in need of, but remains pretty useful)

    Good Luck!

  4. vicmart009 Says:

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    It is also important that all Labour Party members of today o reflect on the socialist fight & struggle of it’s founders in Kennington Park, South London.

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  6. Monbiot’s List of the Corporate Politicos in Blair’s Government: Part One | Worldtruth Says:

    […] 19th Century Campaigns for Trade Union and Working Class Representation in ParliamentIn “America” […]

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