Cameron’s comedy turn won’t make anybody happy

Mike tears into the repeated lies and falsehoods Cameron has told as part of his election speech promoting the Tories. MIke states that the only reasons the Tories look any good is by comparison to UKIP. I have to say that in a lot of ways, there really isn’t much difference between the two. UKIP’s leadership and policies seem to be drawn very much from the Europhobic section of the Tory party. As for the grassroots Tory activists, Jeremy Hardy made an extremely hilarious diatribe a few years ago on the News Quiz on Radio 4 about just how vicious and stupid the faithful, who turn up at the party conference really are. And he’s right, as I found out when one day a few years ago I tuned into their party conference out of sheer boredom. I turned off again soon after. The difference between the Tories and UKIP is one of degree, not difference.

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David Cameron should be very happy that UKIP is around to make him look acceptable.

We can’t ever say he’ll look good, but in contrast to the ‘Farage wave’, the spectacle of UKIP being thrown out of the venue where it was supposed to be launching its European election campaign, and the never-ending queue of candidates who are desperate to embarrass themselves publicly – what’s the latest one? “Women should be made to wear skirts because they’re a turn-on for men”? Ye gods… – it’s easy to think that the Conservatives are mild, or at least rational.

They’re not.

But Cameron was keen to project an image of competence at the Conservatives’ campaign launch for the local council elections. This is strange because, with his record of achievement, the things he was saying seem more like stand-up comedy than serious statements of ability.

Try this, about the European Union:…

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