UKIP and the Traditional Britain Group

Searchlight’s report on this year’s UKIP conference also makes the allegation that the party is connected with the Traditional Britain Group. The article states

‘Unlike last year, there was no sign of the Traditional Britain Group, which is probably still reeling after its exposure by Searchlight. Allegedly Farage and Gregory Lauder-Frost, a long-time extreme-right activist and vice-president of the TBG, are Facebook friends. If Lauder-Frost had come this year, he could have reminisced with his friend Stuart Notholt with whom he was active in the notorious and terrorist-linked Western Goals Institute.’

I’ve blogged on Western Goals before. There was an article on them over a decade ago in the parapolitical magazine, Lobster, which classed them as a Fascist organisation because of their militantly anti-Socialist and anti-Communist orientation, their hostility to multiculturalism and immigration. Most worryingly, many of their members had links to overtly Fascist organisations like the BNP, and invited the leaders of various South American death squads to their official dinners.

The Tradition Britain Group are strongly anti-Islam. In their blogs they recommend the privatisation of state industries, including the NHS, in order to return the country to some kind of ‘traditional’ Conservative social order. Their links to UKIP further undermine the claim that UKIP are a centrist party, rather than belonging to the extreme Right.

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3 Responses to “UKIP and the Traditional Britain Group”

  1. sdbast Says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

  2. Mike Sivier Says:

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    Here’s some more on UTWIT’s extreme right-wing nature.

  3. Barry Davies Says:

    Those so called links are tenuous at best and when all is said and done searchlight is a far left wing group who would think the socialist workers party is right wing.

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