Lib Dem endgame as party pushed into 5th place behind Greens

In some ways it’s sad that Clegg’s opportunism has brought the party close to extinction, thus marginalising the party that did the most in the 19th century to develop modern civil liberties and the tradition of democratic government, and produced one of the greatest Prime Ministers this country has ever had in the figure of Gladstone. However, their conduct in joining the Tories and willingly supporting their programme of welfare cuts, privatisation and the persecution of the poor and sick in favour of a Neoliberal economic programme means that they are getting exactly what they deserve. And students in particular have not forgotten or forgiven Clegg for the way he broke his promise not to raise tuition fees, and then his glib excuse afterwards for so doing. The tripling of the fees has led to all but the richest being further in debt. About a quarter of students will suffer from depression during their time at university, and increased worries about money won’t help. They feel bitterly betrayed, and Clegg rightly has earned their hatred and contempt.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

I’ve been following politics for a long, long time and it’s hard to overestimate the unprecedented and massive collapse in support facing the Liberal Democrats at the next European, local and general elections.

A relatively unmentioned recent phenomenon in UK politics is the gradual but consistent rise of the Greens in the opinion polls – who are now chasing the Lib Dems into 5th place for the European elections.

Here’s the latest polling from YouGov from the European elections (the most reliable polling company in my opinion):

LAB 29%, UKIP 28%, CON 22%, LDEM 9%, GREEN 8%

Of course I’m well aware that voting patterns are different for the European elections as compared to general elections where minor parties are traditionally heavily squeezed by the two biggest parties.

But nevertheless, in polling for the general election too the Lib Dems are now consistently behind UKIP…

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