Cancer sufferer’s benefits are cut – and the chattering classes demonise HIM

This is truly disgusting, and truly deplorable indictment of the barbarity of the Coalition’s Britain and the petty-minded jealousy and sadism that supports it. Of course there have been people like this poor fellow’s critics for years. There seems to be a compulsive need by a certain section of society to begrudge any kind of state support, no matter how poor or unfortunate the victim is. Quite often the mindset behind it expresses itself as ‘Well, I pay my taxes, and have to work, why should these scroungers live off my money?’ It’s the same kind of ungenerous attitude that props up Conservative regimes all over the world. Quite often the same people moaning about government support for others hypocritically also whine when the same government does not provide financial assistance for them. Some of this mentality does seem to be based on a desire, as one of Mike’s commenters, rogerharris, observes, to reassert their position in the social hierarchy. It’s the compulsive need of the petit bourgeois to resent and bully those beneath him, who are perceived as not as deserving as himself. And it’s being promoted by decades of Right-wing ideology, from Thatcher onwards.

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The vindictiveness of our Conservative-led government knows no bounds.

Not only has the government cut a man’s state benefits after he was diagnosed with cancer, but its supporters then attacked him in the local newspaper’s comment column – even though they knew nothing about his situation.

The gentleman concerned is Pete Woodcock of Scunthorpe who, according to a report in the Scunthorpe Telegraph, has been unemployed for around eight years.

Rather than sit around, he has spent his time volunteering in the community – for up to 40 hours per week – while also job hunting.

But when his doctors told him he had cancer, DWP officials cut his benefit money by 40 per cent (from £140 per week to £84). This is because attending hospital on both sides of the Humber meant he was unable to attend job clubs and had to claim a sickness benefit instead.


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