Tory councillor calls disabled children a ‘burden’

Proof that the nasty eugenicist mind-set that showed itself with Thatcher’s mentor, Keith Joseph, is still around. Joseph in the 1970s caused a storm of criticism when he ranted about how the poor and undereducated were having too many babies and threatening to outbreed more solid elements of the population. They were, he said, producing intellectually retarded children, who were threatening our national stock. Remember that part of the eugenicist campaign for the sterilisation of defective individuals was that they were not only ‘dysgenic’, but also a burden to society and the state. Thus they promoted the abortion of disabled children in films like ‘I Don’t Want To Be Born’. This policy culminated in the organised mass murder of those they considered to be incurably mentally ill or retarded under the supervision of Hitler’s personal doctor, before the programme was stopped due to public outrage led by the Roman Catholic nobleman, Count Galen. Ford is just another offensive Tory loudmouth, rather than a Nazi, but for many people his comments are strongly reminiscent of that part of Nazi ideology.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Tory councillor Les Ford –  deputy leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council – said at a public meeting that he thinks disabled children are a “burden”.

And when asked to apologise for his offensive remarks, Cllr Ford dug himself into an even deeper hole by explaining that he meant disabled children were not a burden on their families but were a burden on councils “….. because we have to pay for these people.”

Here’s the full story from the Chester Chronicle:

Deputy council leader in ‘special needs’ storm

Could this be part of a local election strategy by the Tory Party to win back votes from UKIP by trying to be even more foot-in-the-mouth offensive than they already are?


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