The Coalitions’ Abolition of Legal Aid and Legal Restrictions against Workers Suing Management in Pre-Revolutionary Russia

A few weeks ago the Conservatives and their Tory Democrat accomplices abolished legal aid. This has the effect of making legal action by the poor prohibitively expensive, so that they are effectively denied justice due to the sheer cost involved. This has naturally caused indignation and protests, not least from the legal profession itself. In Bristol the lawyers went on a one-day strike against its abolition.

this attempt by the government to prevent the poor suing the rich also has a parallel in the legal restrictions and double standards the Tsarist government in pre-Revolutionary Russia used to oppress the workers in its attempt to protect and promote the country’s capitalist development. Lionel Kochan in his Russia in Revolution (London: Paladin 1970) describes this legal double standard. Workers, who left their job before their contract was due to expire, were liable to criminal prosecution. However, if they wished to sue their employer for non-payment of wages, then this had to go through the civil courts, which was virtually impossible. (p. 44).

The Coalition really are following some of the most reactionary and oppressive regime’s in their attempts to stifle any kind of dissent or protest against their policies and increase the massive power of the rich against the working and lower middle classes, the poor and the disabled. In Russia, it ended with a Revolution. In Britain, let’s hope that it ends with them being voted out of office in the election next year.

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14 Responses to “The Coalitions’ Abolition of Legal Aid and Legal Restrictions against Workers Suing Management in Pre-Revolutionary Russia”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

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  2. chunkyfunkymunky Says:

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  3. colin morris (@tealcolin1951) Says:

    this coalition has no sense of fair play they have taken away all our rights and left us alone and vulnerable and given bussiness class carte blanche to use and abuse us at will leaving us with no recourse ordiary people cannot afford legal fees this coalition have turned the clocks back 100 years and left the courts as a playground for the rich and famous i personally would like a general strike what else can we do we have a labour party that is conspicuous by its absence and unions who are being shackled

    • Joanna Says:

      Haven’t they unlawfully broken Magna Carta, which states, “To no person shall we neither Sell, or Deny or delay Justice”

      Have this crappy government got the right to do this? If so then what protections if any do we actually have in life?

  4. backscratchers2013 Says:

    They only leave us one option – take the law out of their overall control. Many people faced with Legal Abuse are driven into ill health and poverty. It is possible through cooperation and education to legally fight back. I have been catapulted in and out of civil society according to my ability to earn taxes. Due to perversion and corruption on an awesome scale for such a lowly citizen, I now find myself unable to contribute other than my words. My power to do this will also be curtailed when the internet service provider doesn’t get paid. I have adapted to leaning against the wall of a famous junk food outlet to swipe the wifi at such times, but the prospect of doing so in the winter doesn’t thrill me much. Touchscreen gloves or not!

  5. mey151 Says:

    maybe a revolution is whats needed in this country (uk) and also half of the so called civilized world that we are supposed to live in,

  6. jaypot2012 Says:

    The vast majority of this country will not do anything – as has been shown by the past 4 years. I’m ashamed of my fellow man…

  7. jaypot2012 Says:

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    Take everything, even our right to complain and get justice…

  8. untynewear Says:

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  9. Thomas M Says:

    It is possible to go to the courts by oneself, but one is hardly going to get very far up against trained lawyers.

  10. prayerwarriorpsychicnot Says:

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    Good point that about juggling laws into civil or criminal categories, whichever suits the power interests most. As criminal defamation of character is not a crime but a tort it makes defence against such activity impossible. And a weapon that can be freely used against anybody.

  11. vicmart009 Says:

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    I do like your positive thoughts for positive people ! May I join your revolutionary thought brigade as a private 3rd class ? I feel there is not a lot of hope left to me in today’s political opportunities alternative’s today. Sorry I have difficulty in the difference of the word opportunist and opportunities .So I am promoting myself to Polly Brigabeer the opportunities , opportunist adviser for the Middle East, Tony Blair & Nick Clegg.

    • beastrabban Says:

      You may certainly come aboard, Sir! Though I think you may have problems in the opportunism department with Blair and Clegg, as well as the Tories own William Hague and Dave Cameron. He was touring the Middle East a little while ago trying to sell arms to the various despotic regimes, like Bahrein, who’d been brutally suppressing the pro-democracy movements. I fear these are very seasoned, practised opportunities, against whom the small opportunist, just starting out, may stand little chance.

  12. stewilko Says:

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