A funny thing happened on the way to the tribunal…..

This is Glynis’ account of what happened at the Information Tribunal hearing of Mike’s case, from over at Vox political, to demand this information from the DWP under the Freedom of Information Act. Glynis was Mike’s ‘Mackenzie’s Friend’, advising him and helping him prepare the case before the Tribunal. It’s interesting not just as another perspective on the tribunal, but also because of the interest she notes from the local Lib Dem MP for Cardiff and the Press.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Most of the regular readers of my blog will be aware of the DWP’s refusal to put into the public domain, the statistics of those people who were in receipt of Incapacity Benefit, who were deemed fit for work by way of the Atos Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and then subsequently died.

I, along with many other bloggers believe that the DWP don’t want this information out in the open because the figures are so high, that it will cause a public outcry and blow the governments claim that welfare reforms are working, out of the water.

You can read more about the actual tribunal here, over at Vox Political (Mike Siviers blog)


What I wanted to do, is focus more on the behind the scenes work and some of the bizarre things that happened at and before the tribunal.

I came across Mikes blog when searching for Atos…

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