Mass Workfare Begins Next Monday … Or Does It?

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bhf-workfare With less than one week to go until the launch date of the DWP’s woefully misnamed ‘Help To Work’ and details of the programme are still shrouded in secrecy.

‘Help To Work’ is the mass workfare scheme announced by George Osborne at last year’s Tory Party conference.  Those leaving the Work Programme without a job – which is almost everyone – will either have to sign on every day or be forced to work for no pay for a ‘community’ organisation for six months.  The whole package is expected to cost almost a third of a billion, with most of that money lining the pockets of private sector profiteers running the scheme.

The problem is no-one knows who those providers are yet, including the DWP themselves.  A response to a Freedom of Information request dated  April 10th said that the tender for ‘Help To Work’ was still ongoing.  The DWP…

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3 Responses to “Mass Workfare Begins Next Monday … Or Does It?”

  1. Joanna Says:

    off topic but I want to thank you for not allowing offensive language that is used so frequently on the void blog.

    There is no need for it and completely messes up the point being made, because I refuse to read anymore.

    I don’t so much mind the F word, but the C word id out of order, maybe I am just a prude?

  2. jess Says:

    This from the PCS, in 2011;

    “Workers who help jobless made redundant
    24 August 2011
    PCS members who helped the jobless find work in the UK’s worst unemployment black spot have themselves been made redundant.
    Triage – the company sub-contracted to deliver the government’s Welfare to Work programme in Teesside in the north east of England – is cutting its workforce in half.

    The owner of Triage, Kate Carnegie, was awarded an MBE this year for her work helping long-term unemployed people.”

    Illustrates the sheer hypocracy of the IDS ‘racket.

  3. jess Says:

    It would appear from these appeals for ‘partnerships’ that the DWp are in some trouble with this scheme

    “Partnership opportunities for public and voluntary organisations to help Jobcentre Plus move people off benefits and into employment.

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