Osborne brings in new tax avoidance laws; city minister undermines him

Leadsom and her tax avoidance arrangements are in the news, but they’re merely the latest in a long series of government ministers and officials using such arrangements to minimise their taxes. Private Eye published a series of articles on some of those doing so when George Osborne remarked a few years ago that he had a ‘more repugnance’ to those not paying their fair share of tax. Well, his ‘moral repugnance’ didn’t last very long at all, and as this shows, his other ministers and underlings don’t share it at all. the attitude seems to be that of the ‘Mayflower Madam’. She was a New York brothel-keeper running girls to the rich and powerful. She got her nickname because she came from a very old, patrician line going right back to the first settler. She was busted for not paying her taxes, and was quoted as saying ‘Taxes are for little people’. Sums up the attitude of Osborne, Leadsom and the Tories precisely.

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Andrea Leadsom [Image: The Independent]. Andrea Leadsom [Image: The Independent]. George Osborne’s latest attempt to make us think that Conservatives can be tough on tax avoiders has lasted less than a week.

The part-time Chancellor announced measures that meant avoiders faced bigger fines and were more likely to go to jail, on April 12.

What a shame his new city minister, Andrea Leadsom, is facing hard questions over actions she took to cut her own inheritance tax bill, just six days later.

Ms Leadsom is now responsible for the government’s Help to Buy property scheme, making this even more embarrassing as the allegations against her refer to shares in a property company.

The allegation is that she took advantage of offshare banking arrangements for her buy-to-let property company, placing her shares into controversial trusts in order to reduce her inheritance tax bill, for the benefit of her children.

The property firm Bandal, created by…

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  1. Joanna Says:

    and we are surprised why!?!

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