Tom Davey – another example of the best Conservatism has to offer

Another example of a sneering, Tory bigot. It seems that some of the nastiest, most ignorant people in politics join the Conservatives. This man probably believes he is just being ‘non-pc’, like the Daily Mail and other Right-wing rags, who similarly complain about such speech and behaviour codes, intended to protect the underprivileged and helpless from hatred and abuse. If such individuals win their campaign against what they see as ‘political correctness’, you can expect more of this naked sneering in the name of Upper class, White entitlement. As for his idea that forcing the poor out of their home neighbourhoods through rising rents and property prices, sadly he isn’t alone. Back in the early ‘Noughties’ a friend of mine told me he had an argument on one website debating West Country issues. He had been arguing about the rise in property prices in Somerset, like the rest of rural Britain, forcing the traditional local inhabitants out of the area, while the local housing stock became affordable only to rich outsiders. He was justifiably angry as one of the others on the forum saw this process of displace and disinheritance as being a Very Good Thing indeed. He actually even hailed it as ‘a new Highland Clearances’, which should enrage any guid patriotic Scots reading this blog. This shows the attitude of this section of the Conservative party: a complete contempt for the poor, Black, gay, disabled or female.

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[Image: Political Scrapbook] [Image: Political Scrapbook] These creeps are coming out of the woodwork, it seems.

The latest member of the Conservative Party to reveal his true colours via the social media is Tom Davey. That’s DaVey, not DaLey the Olympic diver – although the world would be a happier place if this guy took a running jump.

Davey has been broadcasting his thoughts on Facebook, spreading messages of hatred towards minorities and women, along with dubious attempts at humour (according to Political Scrapbook) – for at least the past six years.

For example, take a look at this message:

“Benefit claiming scum beware. ps i don’t like paying taxes for you lazy bastards!”

or this one:

“Finding a job would be easier if [I] were a black female wheel chair bound amputee who is sexually attracted to other women.”

or this one:

“More excited than Harold Shipman in…

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