Tories and scandal (go together like a horse and carriage)

What it actually reminds me of is the original ‘House of Cards’ series, where the hero, a whip who has been passed over for promotion to prime minister, takes his revenge and murders and blackmails his way to the top using the notes he has kept on the illegal and immoral activities of the other MPs. In one episode of the show, he deliberately contaminated the heroin used by one of the other MPs, so that he died of a mysterious drug overdose in a public lavatory. If this suddenly happens to one of the Tories in Cameron’s cabinet, we’ll know for sure that the series was actually a documentary rather than drama.

As for the similarity to the sexual scandals during Maggie and Major’s administrations, some of this goes much further. Sarah Keays and Antonia de Sancha consented to sex. The use of ‘date rape’ drugs makes their sexual activities far more like rape, while the attempts to seduce male parliamentary workers while drunk could constitute sexual harassment.

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Scene of the - er - indiscretions: The Light ApartHotel in Manchester. [Image: Sunday Mirror.] Scene of the – er – indiscretions: The Light ApartHotel in Manchester. [Image: Sunday Mirror.] The Party of Sleaze shoots itself in the foot yet again.

It seems the Conservative Party has been keeping documentary evidence of Tory MPs’ indiscretions, crimes and bad behaviour in a “black book” (actually a blue folder), but this has now been destroyed for fear that the Party might be forced to reveal its contents under the Freedom of Information Act.

The information in the “book”, which was destroyed a little more than four years ago as the Tories prepared for the 2010 general election, was used by party whips – its official title was “Whips’ Notes” – if they needed to persuade a colleague to support legislation they opposed, or a minister under fire.

Sources within the Conservative Party say this persuasion did not go as far as blackmail – although you are perfectly…

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