‘Social cleansing’ of London is well under way – BBC documentary

Mike here provides a good summary of the social cleansing of London being implemented through the benefit cap. This is absolutely disgraceful. Particularly reprehensible is the way mothers were split up from their children. When the British were trying to improve conditions for slaves in their colonies in the 1820s, this was too much even for them. There were laws passed stating that mothers were not to be split up from their children, so as to keep something like a family life intact. It’s very much like the way families were split up when they entered the Workhouse, and doubtless motivated by the same squalid doctrine of less eligibility. Years ago Radio 4 did a programme on British popular music in the 17th to 19th centuries. They contrasted the image of domestic bliss in ‘Home Sweet Home’, with the harshness of life in the Workhouse, and concluded that some Victorians no doubt sang the song sarcastically, as an ironic comment on the injustices inflicted on the poor. The same ironic singing of the song could well be done now, because of the way council and social housing tenants are being forced out of the capital.

Most of the victims of the cap shown on the Panorama programme were Non-White. It’s a good question whether this was deliberate, how representative this was of the ethnic composition of the people affected by the cap, or whether more Blacks and Asians were willing to appear on camera. If most of the victims of the Benefit Cap and the attendant social cleansing are Black and Asian, then I would suggest that this is by no means accidental. As the British capital, London has always historically attracted a large immigrant population. Always. There were Black Londoners ways back under the Roman when it was called ‘Londinium’. You can find drawings of Black people in 12th century English manuscripts. One of these was displayed a few years ago on the National Archives webpage. However, it was reported about ten years ago that 2/3 of London’s population were Black or Asian. The parliament at Westminster has also been described as an island of White privilege amidst the multi-ethnic capital. Historically, Black and Asian workers were imported to do the kind of low-paid menial work White British workers didn’t want to do, hence the disproportionate amount of some Black and Asian groups in menial jobs. These are being forced out because, as plebs, they interfere with Tory and Tory Democrat demands that London be a playground of the rich. And it may also be a covert way of ethnically cleansing the capital, so that Whites aren’t quite in the minority. I hope I’m wrong, but this is the same government that sent vans into Black and Asian areas inviting them to go home.

Whatever colour the victims of the Benefit Cap are, this is a national disgrace. It should be stopped, and the government that created it should be voted out at the next election.

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Cartoon by Martin Shovel. Cartoon by Martin Shovel.

Leading Conservatives must be delighted with the success of their benefit cap in getting single mothers and people with large families out of London – as depicted in the BBC Panorama special, Don’t Cap My Benefits, yesterday evening. (Thursday)

The change means that nobody in the UK is allowed to receive more than £26,000 in benefits per year. The government has claimed this is the same as the average family income, but readers of Vox Political will know that this is a flimsy lie and average family income is in fact more than £5,000 per year higher, at £31K+. The reason benefits weren’t pegged at that level is that far fewer people would be affected by it. Make no mistake – this measure was enacted to shift people from the capital.

The film shows the effects of the change on a number of families in Brent…

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