Mark: State welfare is failing our citizens and food banks aren’t the answer

Londonfoodbank give another example of a victim of the government welfare cuts, who is now forced to rely on the foodbank. I fear, however, that the government is deliberately introducing foodbanks as a part of the welfare state by stealth. It matches the situation in America, where in some states the unemployed are only given food and milk stamps. This is deliberate. It’s to make the experience of state benefit so unpleasant and humiliating that people will not want to go on it. The Tories and Tory Democrats are copying the worst features of American capitalism and importing them into Britain. As for John Glen, Eric Pickles’ parliamentary aide stating that he would like party politics taken out of the food bank debate, this indicates that he knows how iniquitous this policy is, and fears that his party will be punished for it at the next election. Let’s hope he’s right, and they are.

Ann McGauran

Mark Bothwell. Still in pain and waiting for the outcome of his employment and support allowance application. Mark Bothwell. Still in pain and waiting for the outcome of his employment and support allowance application.

A study presented earlier this week to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger and Food Poverty says the rise in food banks and charity food is a clear sign of the inadequate nature of social security provision and the way it is delivered. As reported in the Guardian, the report by Sheffield University researcher Hannah Lambie-Mumford warns of the danger of charity food becoming a fundamental part of, or even replacement for, formerly state-funded welfare.

As shown by Eoin Clarke here, by January this year the number of food banks in the UK had grown to more than 1,080. Give that number a bit more consideration. There are more food banks now in the UK than there are branches of Sainsbury’s. The experience of Mark Bothwell (pictured above), here at…

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