Tory dogma and hypocrisy: the “big state”, bureaucracy, austerity and “freedom”

KIttysjones shows here how the Tory austerity campaign is ideologically driven and profoundly undemocratic. Maggie destroyed industries in order to create massive inequalities in wealth and break the unions. Labour, contrary to the myth, kept spending under control, but through government spending actually made most people’s lives better and more prosperous. This has been disastrously reversed under the Tories. she also demonstrates how the Tories play on people’s justifiable aversion to bureaucracy to justify their policies cutting welfare spending, by deliberately confusing ‘bureaucracy’ with ‘government spending’. And this is profoundly undemocratic, as it removes people’s ability to improve their lives through the actions of the res publica, the state.

All this is absolutely true. Adam Curtis, in his documentary series, ‘How We Lost Our Dreams Of Freedom’, criticised the NeoConservative ideology of promoting democracy and small government policies because it denied people that ability to improve their lives through political action. And several of the NeoCons interviewed on the programme actually said that their policy was based on limiting people’s democratic choice to protect the dogma of free market economic liberalism with minimal government interference.

As for Maggie Thatcher and her celebration of greed and inequality, Mussolini himself talked about the ‘eternal, fruitful and beneficial inequality of classes’. She made much of her policies being based in ‘Judeo-Christian values’, but a celebration of envy would have profoundly shocked the Christians of the Middle Ages and 16th and 17th centuries. When Bernard Mandeville wrote his ‘Fable of the Bees’, arguing that private vices, like greed, led to public virtue, he was denounced for anti-Christian views, and pilloried as ‘Man-Devil’. Everything about this government is a sham, and its policies are designed only to enrich the obscenely wealthy at the expense of the poor.

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The Tories are not “paying down the debt” as claimed. They are raising more money for the rich”
Labour’s social and economic policy was a success, and this is substantiated by the LSE’s definitive survey of the Blair-Brown years:
“There is clear evidence that public spending worked, contrary to popular belief.” Nor did Labour overspend. It inherited “a large deficit and high public sector debt”, with spending “at a historic low” – 14th out of 15 in the EU.
Labour’s spending increased, and money was invested in public services and social programs, and until the crash was still “unexceptional”, either by historic UK standards or international ones. Until 2007 “national debt levels were lower than when Labour took office”.
After years of neglect during the previous Conservative administration, Labour inherited a mess: public services in very poor state, shabby and squalid public buildings and unforgivably neglected human…

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One Response to “Tory dogma and hypocrisy: the “big state”, bureaucracy, austerity and “freedom””

  1. jeffrey davies Says:

    they sold all the silver off and now wants us plebs stacking shelves for our American companies who run all these new ones who now got their contracts running our councils budgets yes they got their mates feet under the table all right

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