Why is turncoat Lord Warner still allowed to say he’s a LABOUR peer?

Warner should be thrown out of the Labour party for his advocacy of the privatisation of the NHS. As for his statement that he doesn’t have any constituents, and nobody voted for him, that invites the response Winston Churchill once said of another member of the House of Lords: ‘The Honourable Member represents only himself, and I don’t like his constituency’. It also acts as a very powerful argument for complete reform of the House of Lords and its replacement with an elected Upper House.

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Odious old git: Lord Warner. Odious old git: Lord Warner.

Calls for Maria Miller to resign have dominated the news this week, but there is one other person who should be ejected, if only from the political party they claim to represent.

That person is the closet Conservative, Lord Warner.

He is a man who has united with the right-wing thinktank, Reform, to demand that members of the public should pay £10 a month for NHS services, calling it a “suggested” “membership fee”.

It should come as no surprise that this odious old git has his claws very firmly into private healthcare and is only interested in lining his own pockets. That’s a Conservative attitude – not Labour.

Jacky Davis, co-editor of NHS SOS, writing in The Guardian, explains why Warner’s attitude is wrong: “Charges of this sort deter the poor and the elderly – the very people who need the NHS…

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