In case you think the media aren’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes

The Skwalker here shows how the mainstream media ignores mass anti-government protests, like those against Tony Abbott in Australia, and David Cameron, and the closure of a local hospital in Stafford over here in Blighty. Thus the authorities then claim there’s little opposition to their policies, and carry on. The Skwalker concludes by urging that they shouldn’t get away with it.

They’re right. They shouldn’t. This is a conspiracy of silence by a heavily biased media, who should be held to account for their omissions and distortions. It’s one reason why the Beeb and other TV and print media journalists are worried. People are increasingly turning to the internet for their news. This also raises immense problems of bias, accuracy, and integrity that shouldn’t be ignored either. But if people are abandoning mainstream news for the internet, then the news corporations must recognise their own fault in driving at least at least a section of their audience away with their bias.


On 16 March this year, around 112,000 people marched in Melbourne, Australia, against the policies of its government that are clearly against any principles of decency, fairness, social justice or just plain humanity.

It was one of many marches across Australia that day for the same purpose – some of the largest in the country’s history – yet you probably never heard of it. No surprise – even the Australian media chose to almost completely ignore the protest, focusing instead on the St Patrick’s Day revelries that took place the following day.

All the while, state governments are pushing through laws against protesting with penalties of up to two years’ imprisonment.

In October 2012, I was one of hundreds of thousands of people marching through London in protest against our own (excuse for a) government’s policies of victimisation and demonisation of ordinary people to smooth the way for draconian penalisation…

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